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Who We Are

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization composed of family members and volunteers.

Our family founded There's No Place Like Hope in 2018. Each of our board members have felt the weight of cancer at varying degrees. We are all dedicated to providing relief and hope to cancer patients.  

Our Board Members


Erica Anderson - President

"On June 26, 2015 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. During this tumultuous time, a friend, who had survived breast cancer, showed up at my door with a tote she called a 'chemo bag'. A blanket, water bottle, journal and some socks lay inside and would become my companions as I went through seven months of chemotherapy. It was a friend's way of bringing comfort and hope.


Inspired by this friend's gift, our family started There's No Place Like Hope. We want cancer patients to feel love, positivity, courage, laughter...and hope. The fight is real and hard, but we are here to soften the blow as much as possible."

Chase Anderson - Vice President

"I watched my mom go through chemotherapy treatments and surgeries for her colon cancer. It was difficult to watch a loved one go through those things. My mom and the rest of my family found courage and strength amid turmoil. I am very happy and proud to be a part of There's No Place Like Hope to help other patients find that same courage and strength."


Ike Tippetts - Secretary

"Cancer has made its mark in our family. My wife has had multiple bouts of skin cancer, my sister battled breast cancer, and my mom lost her second battle several years ago.


My cousin is a survivor too. When she invited me to be a part of There's No Place Like Hope, I jumped at an opportunity to help.


There's much to be done in this struggle. While we wait for a cure, we can help comfort and cheer on those who fight."

Cindy Avery - Treasurer

"A number of our family members have been affected by cancer. I'm often left wondering what I can do to help.


A few years ago, two of my grandsons each took on Eagle Scout projects to collect items to put in bags to provide a little comfort to people who were undergoing cancer treatment. The cancer treatment centers were thrilled to receive the bags and excited to pass them on.


When my niece presented her idea of forming a family foundation to provide Hope Totes to cancer patients, I knew I had to be involved."

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Tamye Pugh - Board Member

"I am a very recent breast cancer survivor and the daughter of a warrior who lost her battle with breast cancer. Cancer has affected our family in a very personal way. This organization provides a wonderful opportunity for me to reach out, help and support those who are currently fighting. It is a work of the heart and I am honored to be part of it."

Jean Timiney - Board Member

"I am involved with TNPLH because there's not much you can do to help a loved one who is facing chemotherapy. It's a very lonely battle for them. The Hope Totes are a way to show love and bring a little comfort to that battle."


Our Corporate Sponsors

Thank you for your support!

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